Birth Date Calculator – An aid for Family Historians

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The date calc program exists to assist Family Historians calculate dates from any two of the three following elements

  • Birth Date
  • Event Date
  • Age at Event

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What you can use date calc for

  • From the Age shown on the census and the census date an approximate birth year can be calculated.
  • From a wedding date and birth date an age at marriage can be calculated.
  • From a death age and date on gravestone an approximate birth date can be calculated.

When you run the program the window above is displayed.
The details of which are shown below.

You must first select what you want to calculate before you can enter any dates. Once you select an option the input fields will become available.

Calculate Button Set The three buttons allow you to select what you would like to calculate.
Birth Date Enter a known date of birth to calculate age at event or event date from age at event.
Event Date This could be death, wedding or census etc.
Age at event This is split into years, months and days. Any number may be entered up to 999 in each field and the calculation will still work.
Copy to Clipboard Button When this is checked on pressing the Update button the result will be passed into the clipboard ready for pasting in to another program.
Red Tick Performs the calculation
Menu File Close Exits Program
Menu Restart Clears all date fields
Menu Options Tool Tips Toggles the display of the yellow pop up tool tips
Menu Options Autocopy to Clipboard When Selected each time the update button is clicked the computed date is copied to the clipboard
Menu Options View Log Shows DateCalc Log which provides all calculations in comma separated format with the ability to save to disk.

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