Janes GEDCOM Utilities

These utilities are designed to assist in migrating from Legacy and Family Tree Maker to Family Historian. They all contain basic help files explaining thier use.

The programs are developed in Delphi and are packaged with install routines.

GedFix for Family Tree Maker

The GEDFix for FTW converts most of the known problems with GEDCOM export from FTW.

RJTGedFixFTW 0.2 - 262Kb

GedFix for Legacy 4

The GEDFix for Legacy converts occupation records to the OCCU type and moves the description down off the EVEN line for other Events.

RJTGedFixLeg 0.2 - 262Kb

GedFix for Generations 8.5

The GEDFix for Generations converts 1 HOBB records to _ATTR records and add titles to sources based on their TEXT/TYPE fields.

It also converts 1 HIST and 1 ADDR to 1 NOTE records, and converts 1 CEN? records to 1 CENS where the question mark can be any number 1-9.

CAUS and INFO lines are moved up to the DEAT event and attached, the info is changed to a NOTE and Informant: added to the text of the note.

RJTGedFixGen 0.3.5 - 262Kb

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