RJTQuote - A Quote for all seasons

Standard Menu options Change font size Drop Down Box contains first line of each Quote for easy selection The Current Quote Number of Quotes in Current File Show about screen Exit RJTQuote Add a new quote to current file Set Text for Marque Screen Saver Search Quote File Copy Current Quote to Clipboard Step Forward or backward Back to Last Quote Random Quote Open Quote File

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Download RJTQuote Suite 1.2Mb

This program fills a need I found for a freeware quote program.  I kept finding Quote text files on the Web which Iwanted to make use of hence the use of plain text files for the information.

RJTQuote - A Quote for all seasons is free and will aways be so, but if you find it useful perhaps, you might consider making a donation to it's author. Just click on the button to send a few pounds via Paypal.

or just send me a message via the feedback form letting me know you found it useful.

The screen saver option uses the Windows Marquee screen saver and the RJTQuoteScreenSaver which comes with RJTQuote.  The package will install the following

RJTQuote Main program allowing searches and Random Selection
RJTQuoteCvt Conversion Program takes alternate formats and converts them tothe double space format needed by RJTQuote
RJTQuoteDS Displays a splash screen with a random quote from the selectedfile.
RJTQuoteScr Screen Saver which bounces a random or fixed quote around thescreen.
Not available for Windows 2000 or NT
The Quote Files These include 
Due South, Terry Pratchett, Babylon 5, 20th Century Quotations and20 others. 

To prepare a Quote file simply put two blank lines between each quote.

All programs and files are installed to the selected directory.  The Screen saver is installed to the Windows directory.

All programs are uninstallable from the  Add Remove Programs option in the control panel or by using the uninstall option in the RJTQuote menu.

Please Note The quote collections with this product are not my work. I think I have left the source information in them.  If not I apologize now.

For more quotes of all shapes and sizes why not try :-

For more information I can be contacted using  jane@taubman.org.uk