Obituaries – Mullins and Record

Western Gazette 26 July 1940 Page 3 Column 1

I have been doing some more Newspaper surfing and in doing so came across a couple of Obituaries.  The first is for Harry Mullins, who is already featured in a 1936 article.  I particularly liked the quote:

“Mr Mullins commenced working life as a water boy for Mr T Conway’s father his death at the age of 87 removes another link with the past his knowledge of Evershot before the great fire on September 26th 1865, of the Fete days, of old Customs and of the old occupations made him a most interesting personality and he will be much missed.”

The second is for my Great Grandfather Harry Record, who like my Grandfather Crabb was a Carrier.

Western Gazette 7th June 1935 Page 5

“The funeral took place on Thursday of Mr Harry record who died suddenly it at the age of 71 on Tuesday at his home Rosemary Cottage after a short illness. He was a well-known figure as a carrier having travelled for 30 years to Yeovil on Fridays and for 40 years to Dorchester on Wednesdays and Saturdays and it was his proud statement that no matter what the weather he had never failed to reach Dorchester with his goods entrusted to him he was the most of the most affable kindly nature very straightforward in his dealings, and an excellent example of the trusted carrier who was a friend and confidential agent of all living along the route he so regularly took. His sudden death came as a the great blow to his immediate relatives who receive the sincere sympathy of the whole countryside. Although his son and daughter continued the carriers business in view of his increasing age he still took the greatest interest in their daily journeys and in the management of their land.”

Carriers van as Hearse
A regular churchman, it was but natural his last journey should be along his Sunday walk; his coffin being carried as far as the bridge over the Frome in his carriers van, drawn by his favourite old Black Horse Tom led by Mr C. Hellier, an old friend.

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