Looking for George

In 1984, I started researching my Family History. My maiden name was Mullins and my Father gave me an article on his Great Grandfather Henry Charles Mullins, which said that the Mullins family had been in Evershot for generations.

Looking at the Census and Parish records proved this was partially true, Charles, Henry’s Father was baptised in the church in 1825, son of George and Sarah. Their two older children had been baptised in Yetminster. All well and good, but a marriage I could not find and George “disappeared” from Evershot around 1832 as when the youngest of Sarah’s children Emma was born in 1833, she was “base born” to Sarah.

Skip on 33 years and I am still looking for the marriage, but I did eventually find, last month, where George went, he was buried over the border in Somerset in the tiny village of Closworth. Also buried in that village a couple of years earlier were Isaac and Susanna Mullins, who I strongly suspect were George’s parents. So for now I have linked them to George via a “Possible Parents” fact, until I can find a baptism for him, perhaps in another 30 plus years.


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