The Crabb family at Dinner c1946

I am currently working through old photos and documents and making sure they have all been scanned and added to my Family History Project.

This was one of my Mum’s favourite photos, she is sat between her parents with her sister Irene on the right. I believe it was taken around 1946 when Mum was in 6th form. Her mum often had lodgers as the farm house was very large for just the four of them. This photo was taken by one of the lodgers, who was working for the Central Office of Information making a photographic record of life in the village. I love the kitten climbing up my Grandfathers shoulder which I suspect was the source of all the jollity.

There are a couple more of photographs from this set including the one below of my Mother serving milk at the backdoor to Alan Mullins, the boy who would eventually become my Father.

2 thoughts on “The Crabb family at Dinner c1946

  1. These are both fantastic photos providing intimate glimpses into your family’s life. And the colorized version of the family portrait that you tweeted came out fantastic.

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