RJT Family Historian Converter

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Note:   If you have V5 or above of Family Historian you can use the Plugin Convert File Links to do this rather than this program.

Although Family Historian uses completely valid GEDCOM, it uses custom extensions to store photograph information and box details. What this program does is to create a new GEDCOM file with all the pictures renamed and relocated in a media directory below the location you select for the exported file. It then creates a list of copy instructions for the free image manipulation system IfranView (3.85 and above) and calls it to create copies of all the images connected to your GEDCOM file. This new GEDCOM file can then be loaded into many other program including pictures, I have tested it sucessfully with

  • RootsMagic
  • Heredis
  • phpgedview
  • Family Treasures 5

It will convert all jpg, tif, bmp, png files to jpg and set the size to that specified in the Image size parameter and optionally create a thumbnail of each image, phpgedview uses the thumbnails as well as the larger images. Any other files will be renamed to unique names and copied direct to the media directory. You will need to install IrfanView, which is freeware, prior to using this program. Link for IfanView www.irfanview.com

Family Historian Converter  Windows 95 and above 773Kb

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