Where is Mag, on the 1939 Census

Searching for Margaret Parry on the 1939 Census, eventually I searched using her married name of Taubman and found her as

This seemed strange as I could not work out where the Jones come from and where the Parry had gone. I knew Margaret had been married to two Taubman’s as she was married to Stephen’s Uncle before marrying his Father. A look at the image cleared up the problem as it turned out the enumerator had not managed to repeat the surnames down the page as it normal, but rather dittoed any repeated names. So when Mag married the name was simply inserted over the dito.

Sourcing Mags marriage certificate showed that she had married Eric Idris Jones in 1943 and had divorced him before 1949, as she got married in a Catholic church, which is very unusual for a divorcee, we can only assume that Eric Jones had abandoned her.

I have searched for divorce papers, but the time window means that they may not have survived, at least they are not currently available on the National archives index.

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