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Although not in Australia,  after my visit to Australia in February,  I now have a few Australian “mates” who are currently having “National Family History Month”,  a couple of them Jill and Pauline have posted Geneameme posts for the event and it seemed a shame not to join in so here are my responses to the challenge.


  1. What are you doing for NFHM?
    • Well I attended Jill Ball’s hangout event, revamped my Family History website and researched 3 of the people in my tree who died in WW1.
  2. What do you hope to learn in NFHM?
    • I am always learning something,  but I concentrating on getting better at researching WW1,  referencing as many online sources as I can.
  3. Do you research at a family or local history library?
    • Sometimes,  although it’s tricky as I still work full time,  so they tend to be shut when I am not working.
  4. Do you do all your research online?
  5. What’s your favourite place to store your family tree?
  6. If offline, which genealogy program do you use? (do tell us its strengths/weaknesses if you like)
    • Family Historian,  for me it’s real strengths are it’s flexibility and stability, and the fact it stores all it’s data direct in Gedcom format, so it’s easily portable and of course it has a great user group ( which I am proud to have set up over 10 years ago.
  7. How do you preserve your family stories for future generations?
    • With the re-launch of this site I hope to write up more of our family stories and bring some of the characters in my family tree to life
  8. Have you any special research projects on the go?
    • Only as mentioned above the research into WW1
  9. What is your favourite family history research activity?
    • Building narratives and fleshing out the facts from Census and other sources, to build pictures of our families.
  10. What is your favourite family history research place/library etc?
  11. What is your favourite website for genealogy research?
  12. Are you part of a Facebook genealogy group? If so which one?
    • No I don’t use Facebook,  I don’t like the Ts & Cs.
  13. Do you use webinars or podcasts for genealogy? Any tips?
  14. Do you use social media? eg Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn
    • I use Google+ and occasionally Twitter,  I do have a linked in profile,  but that is mainly for my day job.
  15. What genealogy topic/class have you learnt the most from this year at a webinar/conference/seminar?
    • That’s easy the Unlock The Past Cruise I went on in February,  great lectures and chatting to like minded people for over a week was wonderful.  
  16. Do you have a favourite research strategy to knock down your brick walls?
    • I hadn’t got a name for my strategy,  but Jill has named it “PIP” so that’s my favourite one, see below.
  17. Have you used DNA testing for your genealogy?
    • No
  18. Have you made cousin connections through your DNA tests?
    • No
  19. Do you have a wish list of topics for NFHM 2015?
    • No,  but I have booked another Unlock the Past Cruise,  so I shall be learning in July 2015.
  20. What do you most love about your family history research?
    • Learning, Exploring and the chance to remembe
GeneAus said on her post for National Family History Month 2014 Geneameme 
The PIP Process. Persistence, Inventiveness and Patience. Persistence – keep at it, try, try and try again. Inventiveness – harness your creative powers, think laterally to find your way around a problem. Patience – just like Snow White believed that “one day my prince will come” believe that some day you will find your answer, it make take two, ten or twenty years to find that magic sledgehammer. Hey – I just invented the PIP process – my bit of creativity for National Family History Month.

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