A long way from home – William Wellsby

While collecting the images for my 4xGreat Grandmother, Jane Humphreys Tomkins (Tompkins), I spotted the entry on the next page, about William son of Martha Derbyshire, Single woman. Not unusual you might say, but the supposed Father was also given as William Wellsby of Scarisbrick, Ormskirk, Lancashire. Again slightly unusual, but not unknown, the really odd thing, this page is in the Evershot Parish records, 255 miles from Scarisbrick and neither Wellsby or Derbyshire are surnames which occur in Evershot. So I have to wonder, just what this “stray” was doing in the rural backwater of Evershot in 1795.

The final odd thing, my husband was brought up in Skelmersdale, just down the road from Ormskirk and one of his sisters lives in Ormskirk. It’s a small world.

Image from the Dorset Archive via Ancestry.

Additional information

I suspect the couple are William Welsby baptised in Halsall 7th March 1773 son of James Welsby and Martha Derbyshire baptised 9th May 1773 daughter of Thomas Derbyshire.  Both found on Family Search.


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