Dipping my Toes in DNA – I am 13% German!

Well Stephen and my tests both landed on Ancestry this weekend.

Stephen as expected is 100% Irish Scottish, with a bias towards County Wicklow and Limerick, we knew his maternal Grandmother was from Wicklow and his maternal Grandfather from Limerick. The strong Isle Of Man roots of the Taubman name are also covered by the overall circle.

Mine however is quite surprising, for someone who has tracked 6 generations and never got east of Salisbury.

In some ways the least surprising match was Newfoundland, as the migrations between the fishing ports of Dorset and Newfoundland are well known there is a good article at Newfoundland and the West Country. I am assuming the high percentage of German is actually Anglo-Saxon, but I am happy to be proved wrong somewhere along the line.

On a more positive note, we have 3 confirmed relationships already on 3 of his branches one of which we knew from traditional research and two new ones on Stephen’s Irish lines, which have been blocked up for years.

I am currently working out a good way to store the match information in Family Historian, alongside using the GedMatch and Ancestry tools to look for links.

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