Using Private Notes for Research with Family Historian

Family Historian comes with the Named List function built in.  This is great for keeping lists of things to do at specific places, but is not particularly quick to get at so I have found myself wanting to add research notes or “to do” comments directly to the facts that they pertain to.

Family historian provides Private notes which can be included with in any Note simply by wrapping the text in [[ ]] this can be very helpful when you want to make a note for your own use.  I have recently started making extensive use of these to record research information and have started to use tags, which are simply a word prefixed with a # so for example

[[#RN  1881 Census checked for both Taubman and variants on Find My Past and Ancestry]]


[[#RN #TODO  Order Certificate for this Birth]]


[[#TODO #ARCHIVES #LIVERPOOL Check Workhouse Records ]]

As private notes can be hidden on any report, I can easily exclude these messages when printing reports or when exporting information to share with others.  I can also use the Standard Family Historian  Edit>Find option to get a list of all the records with a matching tag in a note field.

Additionally I have written a plug in which can quickly display all the notes with a selected tag in it. From the displayed result set you can easily double click to view the entire note in context.

There are several other methods available to record your research information which are documented in the Family Historian User Group Knowledge base including

Create Work In Progress or Research To Do Lists
Research Planner

2 thoughts on “Using Private Notes for Research with Family Historian

  1. This looks interesting; why is it not in the plug-in store?
    (See FHUG discussion of “simple to do lists”! I think it is almost what I am looking for.)

    1. It’s not really a fully formed plugin as you need to manually enter the private notes, but you can download it from here if you would like to try it out.

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